Reverb Integration

Connect Reverb for inventory management, stock synchronisation, order management and fulfilment in Selro!

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Reverb Integration Key Features

Selro will synchronise your quantities to Reverb and your other connected marketplaces in near real time. For example if you sell a product on Shopify your stock levels on Reverb will be updated within 5-15 minutes.

You can update your quantities within Selro and this will push a stock update to all of your connected marketplaces and e-commerce stores.

You can create new listings to Reverb and update existing listings on Reverb from within Selro.

You can also send your Reverb products to other marketplaces and e-commerce stores by creating new listings within Selro.

  • Bulk Update Prices and Stock Levels
  • Sell Variation Items
  • Sell Bundles and Kits
  • Support Purchase Orders
  • Warehouse Management

You can manage and process all of your Reverb orders directly within Selro.

You can connect multiple shipping couriers to generate and print your shipping labels, print your pick and pack lists, and print your customer invoices.

Once you have shipped your order within Selro the order status and tracking data will be updated back to Reverb.

You can integrate your accounting system within Selro and your Reverb orders will automatically be submitted to your account system.

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