Multichannel Inventory Management

Efficiently manage your multichannel retail inventory and grow your e-commerce business
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  • Inventory

Efficiently Manage Your Multichannel Inventory

Free up valuable time by automating everything from stock updates and stock replenishment with Selro’s inventory management system.

  • Keep your stock levels in sync across all your sales channels

  • Bulk Update Prices and Stock Levels

  • Sell Variation Items, Bundles and Kits

  • Support Purchase Orders and many more

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  • Stock Sync

Sync Inventory Across Your Sales Channels

Track and manage your inventory across multiple sales channels for accurate stock level distribution and stop overselling.

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  • Inventory

Inventory Management Tools

  • Maintain an accurate picture of stock levels across your sales channels
  • Manage stock ins, stock outs, warehouse transfers and locations for better inventory management
  • Track inventory levels, stock for open orders and inventory that is in process of being shipped
  • Automated FBA stock level sync with all your sales channels for multi-channel FBA
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All the key tools required to grow your e-commerce business

Selro is a cloud base central platform to manage all your sales channels, from listing, inventory, order management, and fulfilling orders

Multi-Channel Inventory Management Software

Efficiently manage your multichannel retail inventory

“ After trialling many other platforms I was lucky to find Selro. Sign up was easy and so was all the other aspects of setting up and integration.
Had need to use support and they were so responsive in particular Mary-Kate.
I have now moved from my existing platform and making the use of Selro and all the facilities available.”

Lee Cockerill


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Stream line your commerce business across multiple sales channels and increase sales revenue.