Amazon Shipping Integration

amazon shipping

Connect Amazon Shipping for full order management in Selro, including label generation, order confirmation, and tracking data submission!

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Amazon Shipping Integration Key Features

Connect your Amazon Shipping account within Selro and generate and print your shipping labels directly from our platform.

Once you have generated your shipping label you can confirm your shipment in Selro, this will update the status of your order to shipped on your marketplace and confirm the courier responsible for delivery.

Once connected you can set up shipping rules within Selro, so a shipping courier, service, and service format will be automatically applied to orders that fit specified criteria.

Once you have generated your shipping label, we will receive the tracking data from Amazon Shipping, this will then be sent to your marketplace and customer.

Once you have shipped your order with Amazon Shipping, and confirmed the shipment in Selro an email can be automatically sent to your customer notifying them the order has been dispatched along with the tracking data.

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