Using real-life buyers’ reviews and testimonials online is a good step to building and spreading your business relationships worldwide. But building a good relationship with your customers will become more difficult for your online business as the gap between online expectations and reality widens. The review and testimonial online that we can use as the attraction will cause a contradiction. So how can you improve the outcomes of an expectation versus reality comparison?

Using these four easy techniques will help you to satisfy both expectations and reality of your customers, encourage them to purchase their baskets, keep them coming back for more, and introduce your business to other prospects.

  1. Be true to the functional attributes of your business.

As for how risky to drink water given by strangers, purchasing online is the same. Customers are concerned with the real functional attributes of your items provided online. So, to get them to believe what they read in your business posting or advertisement, inform them of your evaluations of their purchases before they are delivered and wrap them in high-quality packaging. Letting them know that you are concerned and honest about your products, their anxiety will be lessened regarding online shopping. These will be beneficial for both of you and can build a trust-based relationship with your buyers.

  1. Make your sales a professional description.

A customer-oriented approach that uses truth. Never use manipulative tactics just to satisfy the needs for sales of your business. Use a truthful description to what is the capability and capacity of your business, especially your products, and align their bases to your advertisements and product trials. It will help the customers to become aware of what they are purchasing and to expect its function and even lifespan in reality. Using this approach, you can gain the customer’s trust and loyalty.

  1. Don’t forget the benefits of each customer.

Having a large base of loyal customers will undoubtedly boost your sales, but managing online orders and the advantages that customers receive with each purchase will certainly be difficult if you’re not going to be cautious. Having a high quantity of orders will make you excited, but don’t let your excitement eats your actions that could make each order less organized Never ignore any small information regarding a customer’s purchases or lose any information on a buyer’s benefits, and don’t disregard any little information about customer purchases. It may cause a lot of expectations and reality comparisons.

  1. Personalize the experiences of your customers.

Giving customers appropriate service is no longer sufficient – because it always comes with the business. Buyers love it when they are treated special and take it personally. You may include a note such as thanking them for their purchase and looking forward to their second purchase. A neat handwritten will do an extra effort, but always remember this kind of thing weighs a lot for buyers.


A great impression of your service towards your buyers added impact on their expectations with their product purchase. It’s not only how easy to navigate your website or have great product descriptions and images – most of the time, but these are also the reasons expectation versus reality gone wrong. Your overall support helps to drive and boost sales of your business and gain loyal ones.

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