In today’s fast-paced society the vast majority of consumers stay up to date via their social media accounts. Whether that is following the latest trends, touching base with friends or family, or even staying current with world news. As such any successful marketing strategy is not complete without a social media aspect.

Social media can be the lifeblood of your customer relationships, it is an easy way to build a connection, shape your brand awareness, and promote your products!

As such we have created several tips to help you navigate the world of social media.

Step 1: You need to be seen, choose your social media platforms wisely. Build a customer profile and find out where your target audience is most active. You don’t want to drain your resources unnecessarily, selecting several popular platforms that you KNOW your customer base is active on will help you focus your promotions and make them count.

Step 2: Turn loyal customers into brand advocates. Use real-life buyers to promote your products, and post their reviews and testimonials online. This not only builds loyalty with your existing customer base it inspires confidence in potential buyers. To encourage your customers to become advocates, why not offer incentives such as discounts, or free shipping? This will help draw in new consumers and keep existing customers returning.

Step 3: Post often and be consistent. You don’t want your social media account to be overly promotional as that can discourage potential buyers. Post relevant content about your brand to pique interest. Making sure you post regularly will boost your chances of being seen and familiarity will help grow buyer confidence. Help your customers get to know your company and build their trust in your brand.

Step 4: Make it easy to purchase from your social media account. Strike while the iron is hot, many social media sites now allow you to complete purchases directly from the post. Using this feature means a sale can be made in just one click. Making the process this easy is a great way to encourage purchases it also means less time for the buyer to change their mind or take their custom elsewhere.

Step 5: Use social media advertising. Using advertising on social media has been shown to boost brand recognition and generate more interaction with potential clients. Regular interaction with customers helps to build your credibility and boosts confidence in your brand resulting in an increase in purchases. Social media advertising is also cost-effective for your business and in general, it is cheaper than traditional forms of advertising.


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